Jimi Hendrix’s Essaouira

Jimi Hendrix’s Essaouira

Castles In The Sand

By Mackenzie Lowry

Jimi Hendrix, arguably one of the greatest guitarists of all time, wrote a song called Castles Made of Sand, in 1967. In the song, all the castles were dragged out to sea, as their time was fleeting. The song’s metaphoric lyrics implied - enjoy the good life while you can.

Hendrix’s inspiration for this song came from a visit to Essaouira, a white-stoned coastal city in Morocco, with unforgettable beaches and crystal seas. Supposedly, the song struck him while he was strolling past the half buried fort, Bordj El Berod, near the mouth of the Oued Ksob. The ruined structure still rises from the rippled sand, slowly being worn away by time and salted air.

An English couple, Emma and Graham, have had their own inspiring experiences in Essaouira and now want to share the inspiration with passing travelers. After purchasing two gorgeous 18th century traditional Moroccan homes, the pair decided to redecorate and begin renting under the company name Castles in the Sand.

Imagine walking under the warmth of the sun to explore the food market, or talk to locals in the main square of the exciting Moorish city.  Walk in the opposite direction to feel the sand in your toes, and the waves lapping at your heels. At the two properties, named Dar Beida and Dar Emma, all of this is possible.

What makes these traditional North African homes so interesting is their interior decor. Emma and Graham went flea market crazy when picking out decorations to display alongside the sandstone columns and wooden ceilings.

Rather than just going with traditional Moroccan furniture, they decided to switch it up. These luxury hippie-homes are filled with 60’s style animal print accents and wild-west decorations, including animal skulls and bull paintings.


If you picture someone creating the most diverse, yet balanced work of art, you’re envisioning Dar Beida and Dar Emma. Both homes are available for rent and have a daily cleaning service for all guests.

While there, the owners provide personal tours of the villas and town square. They will also give you the inside scoop on where to go, what to see, and how to get around. Essaouira is the perfect home base for travelers who are ready to immerse themselves in exploration or look for the perfect beach spot.

If you are ever forced to make a hard choice between renting a home with an authentic Moroccan multi-colored handmade hammock, or a home with a sun splashed, white washed rooftop terrace, set against a royal bule sky - you can’t lose. Castles in the Sand provides a stylish scene for experiencing the magic of Essaouira.

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